Tuesday, February 21, 2012

worker, thailand

A Thai worker takes a break from building a rice drying surface in his community. The community received funds from the government to build the surface which would enable farmers to dry their own rice rather than take it to a middleman, who would take a cut of their profits. 

This is from a collaborative project I worked on in 2008 examining modern rice farming in Thailand and  the effects on the community and the land. 

Here are some other photos from the construction project:

                                                Members of the family I stayed with:

a view of downtown, cleveland

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

New Neighbors on Clinton Ave.

This lot across the street from my parents' house was vacant my entire life. It was one of the many lots to choose from on my street for pick up games with other neighborhood kids.  Now, it's the last remaining vacant lot on my street. Soon, this couple will be building a home on the land. Though I have fond memories throwing the ball for my dog, practicing my batting and pitching, and catching fireflies in this lot, I know this couple will be a great addition to the street. Welcome!

Other lots on my street:
first developed was the biggest lot ideal for kickball/ capture the flag/ kick the can/ cops and robbers/baseball > condominiums
then came lot ideal for play fetch with my dog (except she would always drink out of the oil puddles. probably not good) > more condos 
more recently, the king of the hill/ sledding "hill"/ fort making lot  next to my house> single family home
and now, this one.

The neighborhood's really filling in!